Mobility is the freedom to travel from A to B and Z to do the important and enjoyable things in life: catching up with friends and family, working, studying, shopping, helping the kids get to school. Mobility as a Service Australia (MaaS Australia) is proud to be part of building a better mobility for the future with MaaS Finland.

Mobility as a Service Australia, one of the investors and contributors to MaaS Finland, came to visit Helsinki for two weeks to strengthen collaboration with MaaS Finland and to contribute and give their expertise to developing MaaS concept into reality. For the last weeks, directors of MaaS Australia have been taking part to shape the world’s leading Mobility as a Service offering.

MaaS Australia Director Andrew Somers explains why they chose to come to Helsinki: “During my time here I have been fortunate to meet a number of the people from start-ups, transport operators and government who are making smart mobility happen. This network of innovators and the support and encouragement from government makes Helsinki and Finland a perfect incubator.”

“Combined with our local market knowledge, this gives us unparalleled insight into the opportunities and challenges of establishing Mobility as a Service in Australia,” Somers continues.

The visit concluded with the signing of a partnership agreement and the two organisations will continue to explore opportunities to bring Finnish innovation to Australia.

“I am pleased to announce this partnership agreement here in Helsinki. There are many differences between Australia and Finland. Not only do we have more kangaroos and less snow, but also cities with a different urban form and customers with some different needs. MaaS Finland’s concept is truly global and ideally suited for Australia and other markets in our region,” says Director of MaaS Australia Hany Eldaly.

MaaS Finland Co-Founder, CXO Kaj Pyyhtiä and Founder, CEO Sampo Hietanen with Directors of MaaS Australia Hany Eldaly and Andrew Somers after signing a partnership agreement.

MaaS Finland Co-Founder, CXO Kaj Pyyhtiä and Founder, CEO Sampo Hietanen with Directors of MaaS Australia Hany Eldaly and Andrew Somers after signing a partnership agreement.

Commitment to ongoing collaboration was not the only result of the visit. MaaS Finland Chief Executive Officer and Founder Sampo Hietanen states: “Many cities and transport operators around the world have started to realise the tremendous potential of the MaaS concept that we started here in Finland. They want to know what they can do to become more ready for MaaS. I am pleased that the team from MaaS Australia was able to construct a MaaS Readiness Index to help answer this question. We are already starting to see this tool show some interesting differences between cities around the world and we look forward to explaining more about the Index over the next few weeks.”

MaaS Australia and MaaS Finland looks forward to working with cities and transport operators who are exploring how to become more ready for MaaS and who want support in using the Readiness Index.

MaaS Australia is one of the owners of MaaS Finland. Other stakeholders include Transdev; Karsan Otomotiv Sanayii and Ticket AS; Veho Oy Ab; InMob Holdings of Cyprus; Neocard; Korsisaari; GoSwift; MaaS Australia; Goodsign; IQ Payments; and Delta Capital Force.

For further information please contact:

Andrew Somers, Director,
Hany Eldaly, Director,, +61 438 392 593

Sampo Hietanen, CEO, MaaS Finland Oy,, +358 40 565 7688

Mobility as a Service (Australia) Pty Ltd was established to help Australians and New Zealanders gain earlier access to the benefits of MaaS and is a shareholder of MaaS Finland Oy. MaaS provides travellers with access to the full mobility ecosystem, and so to make MaaS a reality we look forward to working with companies looking to seize the opportunities from digital disruption in transport as well as governments seeking to shape a future of mobility that offers a great customer experience and benefits the whole community.

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